• Don Wildmon

    "I recommend this ministry to your Church without any qualification whatsoever."

    Don Wildmon - Founder - AFA/AFR

  • Daryl Gibson

    "You simply can't be around Eric any time at all without knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that he loves Jesus, his wife Debby, his brothers and sisters in Christ, his country and those who serve this country. I remember the comment I made after hearing my first Eric Horner project: I said, "ain't a runt in the bunch!". (In western Kentucky that's a real compliment!) I can honestly say the same thing about his new "Outside These Walls" CD. Every song is strong. That kind of consistency throughout an entire project is unusual. I've been in Christian radio for seventeen years. There are two very important things we always want to do in our ministry; one is to provide programming that strengthens and encourages the body of Christ; the other is to be good stewards of our time. I believe Eric Horner does the same thing in his music. Every line of every song has something to say... there's no wasted time. And I am confident that when you listen to these songs you will be strengthened and encouraged. And, if you don't know Jesus, you will be introduced as you listen. Oh yeah... and Eric picks and sings pretty good too!"

    Daryl Gibson
    Heartland Ministries, Inc. (WVHM, WAAJ, WTRT, WHMR)

  • Ronnie Peck

    "Eric Horner is a stellar performer whose songwriting abilities are equaled only by his gifted vocal style. Eric's performances celebrate faith and patriotism and can be adapted to any setting. His powerful testimony will melt through even the coldest hearts. Don't miss an opportunity to invite Eric into your church or group."

    Ronnie Peck - Lead Pastor
    Trinity United Methodist Church
    Paducah, KY

  • Ken Cummins

    "There are those who perform and then there are those who minister and perform. Eric Horner is a servant of the Lord gifted and anointed to proclaim His word and minister to His people and the lost.
    As association missionary of the Ohio River Baptist Association, 41 Southern Baptist Churches on mission together in Crittenden and Livingston Counties, it is a pleasure to recommend Eric to any church throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. Your church will receive one of the Lord's servants that will challenge your congregation to worship and a deeper walk with Christ. Eric loves the Lord's church and wants to see the Kingdom expand.

    Eric has a missionary's heart and desires to see the good news proclaimed to all nations. I encourage you to open your door and hearts to the ministry of Brother Eric Horner."

    In Christ,
    Ken Cummins
    Association Missionary
    Ohio River Baptist Association
    Psalm 37:4-5

  • Jamie Lee

    "We were pleased to have Eric at our homecoming service at Symsonia UMC this October and definitely received a blessing. I thank God for men, and especially younger men, who are not afraid to stand up and proclaim the kingdom of God. Eric has a God-given talent and I believe that many people will be touched by what God is doing through him. I look forward to having Eric and Debby back in December to hear him share the Christmas story through music. I count Eric as a friend and am proud to be serving alongside him in the army of God".
    Jamie Lee - Pastor
    Symsonia United Methodist Church
    Symsonia, KY

  • Roy Wikoff

    "It is a great honor to recommend Eric Horner to your church for consideration. As an Artist Eric has proven himself over and over again. His many years in the music business have given him the experience needed to perform in the Christian Music arena.

    Those of us at American Family Radio have come to appreciate Eric's professionalism as an Artist, but as a producer as well. With his production skills, he made our Christmas project one of the best. He continues to write and produce music that crosses over from Christian country to contemporary and that makes him a step above the crowd.

    I believe Eric is destined to be one of Christian music premier performers and only God and the future knows just how far he will go. Over the years I have worked for Salem Radio, Mortensen and AFR and I have only had the pleasure of meeting just a few Artists like Eric. He is one of a kind."

    Roy Wikoff
    General Manager, WGCF/WBEL
    American Family Radio